Day 1

In order to get to Santarem we had to go 900km through the jungle on unpaved road. The surface was sometimes well compacted and even but other times very rough so I decided to lower the tire pressure to absorb that. Bad idea: the tire got punctured. Twice. Each time we had to stop to fix it so we lost a lot of time with that and, by the end of the first day, we had only completed 170km.

1129 jungle

The next day we began riding with higher tire pressure and the rear shock adjusted to the softest setting. Even so, the shaking was hard enough to break the rear rack and we almost lost our Pelican topcase. So we stopped in a village to get it welded and reinforced with two extra bars. With this stop, by the end of day two we had completed another 270km.

1130 jungle
1131 jungle

Day 3 was even better, as we were able to complete almost 300km. Dust was everywhere, so by the end of the day we were dirtier than ever!

1132 jungle
1133 jungle
1134 jungle
1135 jungle

The last day was the shortest, as only 200km were left and we reached Santarem just in time to catch the ship.

1136 jungle
1137 jungle
1138 jungle