Not too far from Yazd is located the Saryazd village. We found there a relatively new caravanserai (first picture) dating from the Safavid era (XVI – XVIII centuries). It was used as a resting place for caravans. The central area was for storage, the rooms on the side were for the people and in the corners there is an area designated for the animals.

But the main attraction was the fortress, originally built during the Sassanid era (III – VII centuries). It was used mainly for defensive purposes and for storing goods, animals and valuables during invasions. In the meantime, some of the roofs have collapsed, but most stairs and corridors are still accessible. The fortress was locked but our new Yazdi friend, Mostafa, found the key holder. He opened the gate and we enjoyed mostly unrestricted access to the maze – like structure. Exploring it was truly exciting, bringing back memories from a great classic game, Prince of Persia.