Road traffic is another incredible thing in India. In most countries, a double lane divided road improves safety. Not in India, because here most drivers assume such road is in fact two normal roads that run, by coincidence, side by side. So people drive in both directions on both sides of the road. Not all of them, but in some places as much as 15% of the traffic goes on the wrong side of the road. Adding crazy passing, many obstacles and poor signaling and you get the worse traffic conditions we found so far!
I am not sure if this is an omission or a joke, but trees left in the middle of the road are not uncommon in India.
And my favorite: a recent routine check revealed that 250 out 670 Delhi policemen were using forged driver’s licenses to get the job. And the police department needed 3 years to figure that out! So if cops are not capable of getting a lawful license, what kind of driving skill and discipline can be expected from regular citizens?